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Ah I remember reading that Monero Research Labs document a long time ago.By Lutpin - June 12,. you can find me mainly on committing the very act of being stupid that he is railing against, by insisting.Is it me or is the recent news of WannaCry where every researcher and blockchain analyst said Monero is completely anonymous.Those who are qualified for freebies at bitcointalk are advised to place.Bitcoin Price Speculation. nothing wrong with a little speculation. You are currently betting against Bitcoin enthusiasts reading every thread on Bitcointalk.Afaik, no zkSNARK cryptocurrency is employing the design I proposed.And centralization is what kills the anonymity of Monero as my blog explained.

The resulting chain is 5x larger due to the presence of the attacker.This means that he would be able to manipulate the price to make the coin overvalued, by selling Dash to himself at higher prices.I mean yeah maybe a very diligent user can employ Monero with lots of duck tape and bubblegum to hold together some tenuous anonymity, but please stop pretending it is superior or even comparable to Zcash.That is a very helpful response to me, because it points to why the design I contemplated is really needed.I am trying to get my message to readers who are genuinely concerned about their anonymity and hopefully helping them plan for the future.You can run your own node and then communicate to it, but that communication has to obscure your IP address also.

Zerocash is not susceptible because the anonymity set is always implicitly all of the UTXO (even those already spent), so spamming the UTXO gains the Sybil attacker no probabilistic advantage.A quote from my blog explains that the perpetrating miner can send his spam transactions to non-complicit blocks by offsetting the transaction fees.The can rapidly lead to blindness and is a very serious emergency.

Speculation bitcoin will rise in October. a huge fan of gossip Bitcoin menggiurkannya speculation speculation that Bitcoin will go.Additionally that document says nothing about my other points that make Zerocash superior, such as that the anonymity of Zerocash only breaks if SHA256 breaks, but anonymity of Monero breaks if ECC does.Maybe you find some time in the future to explain your thought for laymen in order to reach a broader audience.There has also been a lot of speculation that and.How is that you do not understand how rude it is to respond to blog which has a large body of information and many complex arguments and then imply that because I used the standard term for unspent transaction outputs (UTXO) that this somehow implies that I do not know the subject matter well enough to be taken seriously.Speculation in XMR is likely to be entirely unaffected by my blog.

I had proposed as an improvement to Monero the grouping of UTXO into sets to restrict ring signatures to mixing UTXO within its explicit grouping.Anyone incapable of understanding that the concept of a UTXO does not exist in Monero.Extracted by one his sycophants out-of-context without proper attribution from my comment.Sure, their anon tech may be perfect, but it comes with other drawbacks.I wish you the best with your health and restored productivity.There are significant differences which enable timing and correlation analysis (because there is no spending inside the mixer, also denominations are not hidden).I agree, but Dash and Monero are more and more being challenged by coins like XVG.Concisely, Stealth addresses for the high volume, real-time transactions and an optional Zerocash technology mixer denominated in the same token units, i.e. you can transfer you tokens into the mixer without any exchange risk, then transfer them back out to transact with the Stealth addresses.

For your point to have merit, we would need to be talking about perhaps 99% spam transactions which is a 98X increase in transaction volume.Monero - Great privacy coin with huge potential to grow more. Bitcointalk - Look at AltCoin speculation section and AltCoin discussion.So if my entire blog is about anonymity sets and ring signatures thereof, how can you sanely accuse me of not knowing about them, which is what you are trying to imply.I continue to be invested and support Steem because it is my hedge against my own project failing.However, because of the premine, Duffield could have easily bought a very large number of masternodes.

Dissecting it further though, the monolithic grouping of transactions into blocks is incompatible with a sustainable objective consensus.

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Of course the retarded and the speculators will still use and speculate on it any way.Speculators may not care at all about their anonymity. I dunno.But frankly I am not using anonymity right now, so I will wait until my project is launched because then I will absolute need it and I must make sure it works (otherwise I will be screwed personally by it).When the cookie meets the blockchain: Privacy risks of web payments via cryptocurrencies.So getting cured from TB and surviving an emergency nearly blinding infection in my 50s is I think progress.

If you are going to do large scale speculation on Monero as a major future currency you need to do a lot of reading and draw your own conclusions.Stay tuned for the REKTing of all proof-of-work blockchains, especially those that are undeniably a honeypot when necessarily proof-of-work must become an oligarchy of mining (also archived ).Info and Speculation Ethash Dagger Hashimoto. ane taste so wrote the first article on this day around the information and.

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At least show some production instead of vicarious daydreaming and share pics with yourself impregnating the girls.

Such metadata correlation enables a linkage between spend transaction in any case, and possibly even identifying the person signing them (if the metadata can be linked to a real identity).Thus the transactions outputs in Monero are UTXO, which is the standard cryptocurrrency terminology for Unspent Trans(X)action Output.I have a different economic onboarding and ecosystem monetization business model plan than Steem(it).Afaics, he is not well rounded enough to be in the position of responsibility he is in.Politically affiliate with the retards if you wish, rendering yourself into a mutual sycophant with them.In that way, the actual signer of each transaction is obscured in a grouping, yet the double-spend prevention feature of blockchains is maintained.That is why I never took him seriously until he claimed to be the DAO attacker.